Gato, inc.

Custom camera placement and movement
Steadicam - Jimmy Jib - Motion Control - Zoey

Abad AxeRosa


Gato, inc. provides specialized custom solutions to make your creative visions come true. Please call to discuss your particular needs.
Some recent examples:

First Draft Reel 2017 from Abad Rosa on Vimeo.

4 point cable camera system

2 point Live Broadcast Cable Camera System

pga short from Abad Rosa on Vimeo.


2 Point Zoey Real Time/ Live Broadcast- Lacrosse

Motion Control Dolly and Head

2 Point Zoey Real Time/ Live Broadcast- Football

2 Point Zoey 30 sec Commercial

Longwood Gardens // Meadow

50' Custom Set Penetrator

Behind the scenes:

25' Jib Music Video

Steadicam, 1 conventional jib, 1 jib on track, and 3 axis Motion Control


2 point cable suspended camera

30' Jib, 15' Jib on truck, Steadicam, Steadicam on vehicle hardmount

2 point Zoey

Time code triggered Motion Control and 30' Jib

Motion Control Timelapse

Custom Fabricated motion control spinner

Motion Control Jib

Time Code Triggered Motion Control

Motion Control Dolly

Talon on Camera Car

Aerial Cable Camera for Basketball

One axis motion control dolly

One axis motion control pan

2 point Zoey

25' Jib

25' Jib, 15' Jib, and Upper/Downer/Twister

Motion Control Timelapse